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Dancing Classrooms

This long-running annual program funded in partnership between the Enumclaw Schools Foundation and Enumclaw School District elementary PTO/PTA groups is now at all five

elementary schools. Dancing Classrooms offers all 5th-grade students the opportunity to lean and perform the Swing, Tango, Rumba, Merengue, Waltz, Polka, and Foxtrot. Learning to partner dance enhances physical fitness, fosters social connections, and cultivates communication skills, providing a holistic and enjoyable way to stay active and connected.


The Ozobots are miniature robots designed to acquaint students with coding. The diminutive robots can be programmed through the use of paper, pens, and distinctive coding patterns, or alternatively, on a Chromebook using block coding. They effectively engage students in problem-solving and collaborative work. Ozobots play a vital role in supporting learning and seamlessly integrating content in various ways.

Math: learning with measurement, geometry, fractions, telling time and building.  

ELA: Retelling, writing procedures, connecting parts of a story, learning parts of speech, practicing spelling and sentence writing.  

Science/Social Studies: Recycling, oceans, motion, life cycles, communities and habitats.  

Art:  Code a snowflake, building a snowman, parade floats and light path.

USB Microscopes

Seeing the world from a  different perspective changes everything. USB microscopes are used:

Individually: let students explore independently and create ways to share their learning.

Small Group: small group of students can investigate and see what they are exploring. Members can take turns capturing images and putting on a shared slide or document.

Large Group/Class: attach to teacher laptop and project into your board for whole class learning and discussion.

Math: identify patterns, shapes and measurement.

Science: investigate various objects, find details and compare and contrast.

ELA: scientific or nonfiction writing, writing clues, descriptive sentences and step by step directions.



SquidBooks provides a personalized learning platform for students at Enumclaw and Thunder Mountain Middle school. They have access to a library of differentiated, self-grading, digital resource with many benefits:

   - reading level can be adjusted

   - it can be read aloud to students

   - the language can be changed to Spanish

   - there's vocab resources, graphic organizers, and lesson assessments

   - a great support for our ELL and SPED students

Over 1000 individualized lessons including interactive diagrams, graphic organizers, vocabulary exercises, games, articles and quizzes in the areas of Earth Science, Space Science, Life Science and Physical Science can be found in SquidBooks.

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