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In 2010, Anthony made Enumclaw his home while continuing to serve in the US Navy as an Engineering Watch Supervisor aboard the USS Michigan SSGN. Alongside his wife Michelle, he sought the tranquility of small-town country life. Their family, including two sons, Connor and Camden, became part of the community, with both boys attending Sunrise Elementary. Michelle actively supports the school through her involvement in the PTO, while Anthony dedicates his efforts to the community as a Member of the Enumclaw City Council.

Anthony's commitment to community shines through his various roles, from volunteering and coaching, to advocating for local initiatives. Prioritizing the future of children, he believes in providing the necessary resources for them to thrive in an ever-evolving world, emphasizing that learning is a lifelong journey. Anthony holds degrees in Energy Management and Electrical Systems from Bismark State, accompanied by certifications in Process Improvement and Lean Six Sigma from the University of Washington and Villanova University.

While contemplating pursuing an MBA at the University of Washington, Anthony acknowledges that family and community always take precedence. In his leisure time, you'll find him on the sidelines or in the dugout, actively supporting his boys. Currently serving as a Program and Project Manager at Equinix Inc., Anthony continues to contribute his skills and dedication to both his professional and community roles.

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